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    Robert W

    November 11, 2019

    Debbie Everly is a true professional! But more importantly...she never forgets about the client's challenges when gathering the necessary papework needed to successfully complete a refinance. We were out of town during the process of the refinance and she was able to work around our schedule and ease the anxiety of providing the necessary information needed. She is a friendly, enthusiastic person to handle a refinance and we would highly recommend her...and her staff to anyone!

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    Anthony B

    November 1, 2019

    Debbie is very professional, and very human which makes her a wonderful person. Our experience was so positive I wish I could do it again. I will be recommending her to anyone that inquires of me if I know someone who does this type of service. A great individual, I apricate her, and Fairway as I spoke with Jennifer P a few times and she also was great. Thank you.

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    Melanie A

    October 17, 2019

    Debbie Everely is extremely passionate about helping her clients and making sure they are educated on every process of the loan. Debbie is one of the best morgatge broker's I have had the great pleasure of working with! Debbie has helped me save money on my mortgages by finding the best loan to match my needs. If you get the chance to work with Debbie Everely consider yourself lucky! I am extremely thankful for her and all of her knowledge & experience!

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    William S

    September 24, 2019


  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Steffany B

    September 20, 2019

    Debbie is hand down the best! Her knowledge is impeccable and her customer service takes it to a whole other level. She is so personable and she truly cares about your happiness and comfort. We love her professionalism and we also love her as a friend.

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    Filipinas A

    August 10, 2019

    You are awesome!!! Thank you for helping me !!!

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Shannon W

    August 6, 2019

    Transaction was smooth and now I own a new home. Yay for Debbie!!!!

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Raul C

    August 5, 2019

    Great experience. All the t's dotted and i's crossed thanks .

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Robert P

    July 31, 2019

    Working with Debbie is a pleasure. She is straightforward and tries to get the best deal possible.

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Ryan H

    July 30, 2019

    Debbie makes this process easy, Second time with her. She has my business from now on.

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    Dominic B

    July 18, 2019

    she was proactive across the board, great customer service

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    Lalaina H

    June 28, 2019

    Debbie and her team were great. They made the process very easy and hassle free. I would highly recommend them!

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Nathaniel H

    June 16, 2019

    Debbi was so friendly and on top of things. She was professional and easy to work with.

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    Christopher K

    May 16, 2019

    Debbie was very helpful with explaining the process and securing our mortgage!

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Mary S

    May 3, 2019

    Every thing went smooth and easy without any problems and everyone was friendly and pleasant to work with.

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Donna O

    April 30, 2019

    Great communication, very personable, extremely knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for a better experience.

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Michael S

    April 30, 2019

    Always available to answer questions and one of the friendliest people we worked with, thanks for all you did for us

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Andrew C

    April 19, 2019

    I’ve worked with mortgage brokers on many occasions. Debbie is by far the most transparent about the costs and terms of the products available. She’s also creative in finding alternatives when obstacles arise. Excellent customer service!

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    Andrew E

    April 11, 2019

    Debbie did a great job! Her support team was fantastic. Very easy to work with.

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Edgar E

    April 10, 2019

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Karen D

    April 7, 2019

    Good communication with Debbie.

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Richard B

    February 17, 2019

    Debbie is is friendly, knowable and has great follow up on questions. Thanks Debbie

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Jose R

    December 15, 2018

    Made the experience fast and easy.

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Lynne A

    December 6, 2018

    Debbie was wonderful but the hoops and redundant paperwork necessary for our re-fi was very frustrating and, we felt, took lots longer than necessary. We know some of the load is due to Government regs, etc, Were it not for Debbie's communications, and prior experience with Debbie (then the company was Megastar) our patience might have reached an end. In the end, though, Fairway got it done and we are satisfied.

  • Reviews for Debbie Everly

    Robert P

    September 16, 2018

    Debbie was a true professional, with lots of knowledge and experience. I wouldn't hesitate to refer my friends and family to her for their mortgage needs.